Regional Physicians & Health Care Professionals Providing Exceptional Patient Care

  • Helping your facility obtain consistent coverage
  • Providing evidence-based, personalized care
  • Offering Providers great terms for employment


With a regional focus on Wisconsin area, our Doctors are readily available to make a strong connection with your team.


Our Board-Certified Physicians & Healthcare Professionals have decades of experience working in diverse situations.


Our #1 goal at ProHospitalist is to provide quality, personalized care to your patients with evidence-based medicine.


Our healthcare Providers enjoy best conditions & independence to manage their careers, leading to a high standard of care.

We Help Your Facility Run More Efficiently

By being able to access physician and healthcare professional talent and services more cost-effectively, your facility will run more efficiently, and ensure continuity of care. Managing the highs and lows in patient volume requires an agile solution, which is exactly what we aim to provide with the ProHospitalist team. Our science-based and patient-focused approach to medicine will allow you to maintain – and even exceed – the current standards of your facility.

Provider Opportunities – Great Terms & Flexibility

If you’re ready to apply your talents within interesting and rewarding assignments, while achieving better work/life balance with greater flexibility, then ProHospitalist is the ideal choice for you!

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