“I should also comment that I have heard lots of positive feedback on my end as well, both from Physicians and Nurses. I am hopeful that this is the start of a positive and meaningful partnership.”
Mushir Hassan, MD
Vice President of Medical Affairs, Ascension Health

“Dr. Uttam is one of the most compassionate physicians I have known. His patients feel that he is listening, and his patients and families always understand their plan of care. He takes time at the bedside answering questions and explaining any new health conditions. Dr. Uttam can manage challenging and complex patients. He treats patients and families holistically, I truly believe patients are getting the best care with Dr. Uttam.”
RN/Discharge Coordinator

We always look forward to having him overnight because we know that Dr. Beg is knowledgeable, dependable, and reliable. He is approachable and easy to talk to if we ever have questions. Dr. Beg is beyond willing to meet the patient at the bedside when needed. Dr. Beg is an asset to have as a hospitalist here at Elmbrook.

Emily RN, Geriatric CNR
Wheaton Franciscan Elmbrook Memorial Hospital part of Ascension

Dr. Uttam and Dr Syed are one of most compassionate doctors I ever worked with. Both of them are approachable to nurses and patients. Both of them take time to talk to patients and their families, they never seem like they are in a hurry. Their patients always feel like they are in good hands. Nurses always look forward working with them . I feel that having both of them here in Franklin is an asset.

Inna Igrayeva, RN
Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital – Franklin

“Dr. Syed, the hospitalist was phenomenal!  Brightens the room with his smile, easy to talk to and did not have to wait long for orders.  “

-Patient comment from Press Ganey Survey